Power Surveys

Power Surveys gives you a powerful tool to collect data on your patient's satisfaction and outcomes. The data collected will help you quantify the value of care provided by your clinicians. With electronic delivery and customizable scheduling options, you can increase your data volume to transform your practice into one focused on value and patient-centered care.

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Send Via Email or Text

Flexibility to reach your patients in the manner most convenient to them.

System Connections

Connections with some of the most popular software in the orthopedic field and more on the way!

Data Uploads

Import your existing data from other survey systems to take advantage of AAOE’s powerful analytics.

Measure Patient Satisfaction and Patient Reported Outcomes

Patient satisfaction is vital to maintaining patient loyalty. How you measure patient satisfaction will help determine the quality of the data collected. AAOE uses a standardized short-form version of the CG-CAHPS with the addition of two net promoter score questions.

What's a net promoter? The net promoter score measures just how likely your patients are to be promoters of your practice and your physicians among their friends and family. All business is local, make sure the local word of mouth is helping your business.

Power Surveys offers several PRO surveys to participants to monitor and understand how their patients fare after surgery. As an orthopedic association, we have focused on data collection for musculoskeletal surgical episodes including:

  • DASH and Quick DASH
  • ASES
  • FAAM
  • FADI
  • PROMIS 10
  • HOOS and HOOS Jr
  • KOOS and KOOS Jr
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Our Survey Connectors

Data Collection for the Individual

Use Power Surveys to better engage your patients in their own care redesign. With multiple delivery methods and scheduling options, the power is in your hands to ensure robust data collection.

  • Choose from an extensive library of validated survey instruments.
  • Surveys available via tablet, smartphone, or computer.
  • Surveys delivered to patients in the practice or in the convenience of their own home.
  • Patient compliance enhanced by automatic reminders.
  • Patient communications branded for your organization.