Power Insights

Power Insights gives you a view into your data like never before. Using a national data set of other submitted patient data, you can benchmark your practice's data against national benchmarks. With this data, your practice's marketing, care design, and operational improvements are limitless.

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Practice Data

Operational and patient-centered metrics to help you gauge your practice’s performance where it matters most.

Industry Trends

Up to five years of national trend data allowing you to compare your results to your peers.

Usable Results

Objective data to allow you to drive change within your practice.

Key Performance Indicators

Key performance indicators are vital to assessing practice performance and maintaining your patient base. With Power Insights, get insight into these key performance indicators to analyze your practice's performance relative to your competitors.

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Interactive Reports

Power Insights gives you the ability to drill down into your data with filters for geographic region, patient age, race/ethnicity, and gender. These filters give you the opportunity to identify trends among your patient population and target practice improvements to these filters.

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Data Reporting for the Whole Practice

Use Power Insights to review your entire practice's performance across physicians, ancillaries, locations, and business divisions. Review your data points individually or as part of the entire practice and then compare them to our national benchmarks to identify industry-wide trends.

  • Reports included for every survey supported by Power Surveys.
  • Filterable reports to help you drill down and uncover trends in your survey data.
  • Connected to Power Surveys.
  • Printable reports to share with clinicians, staff, and Boards.
  • Deidentified national benchmarks.