AAOE Benchmarking Survey

For more than 20 years, The AAOE has conducted the annual Benchmarking Survey of Orthopedic Practices.  These insightful reports provide you with the answers you need to make vital decisions concerning your practice's compensation plans, productivity, overhead, and staffing.

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Participation is Crucial

Participation in the AAOE Benchmarking Survey is essential to ensuring a representative sample of practices for valid and reliable data. We've changed the survey for Data Year 2019 to make it easier for participants to report their data and lessen the reporting burden. Complete Tier One of the survey to provide the absolutely essential data for AAOE to provide meaningful results. Completing Tiers Two and Three will allow us to provide a greater level of detail to the survey results making them more meaningful to you. 

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Resources for Getting Started

  • Checklist of data elements included in the survey
  • Data sources and Reports needed to complete the survey
  • Survey guide with section and item-level instructions

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