AAOE Empower Registry

The AAOE Empower Registry is a Qualified Registry for the 2020 MIPS performance period and your single location for your MIPS reporting requirements. With support for 60 quality measures, all Improvement Activities, and Promoting Interoperability measures, we're well positioned to help you maximize your MIPS participation each performance year.

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All Three Categories in One Registry


60 quality measures selected because of their relevance to musculoskeletal care and use in orthopedic practices.

Improvement Activities

All Improvement Activities can be reported through a simple attestation form upload.

Promoting Interoperability

All Promoting Interoperability measures may be uploaded using a simple attestation form

Increased Flexibility

The AAOE Empower Registry gives you the flexibility to report a minimum of data to report your intended measures or, you can upload all of your patient data and allow us to help you select measures for reporting.



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One-Stop Reporting

The AAOE Empower Registry can report data for all of the categories that third-party intermediaries can report for, including:

  • Quality
  • Improvement Activities
  • Promoting Interoperability

Why report via multiple methods for your performance categories when you can report to one for all three?

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Our Registry Connectors

Complete Reporting

The AAOE Empower Registry can help you report for all of your eligible clinicians, whether they're physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, or physical therapists. Whether your clinicians are reporting as a group, individual, or virtual group, their data can be reported through AAOE.

  • One reporting method for all MIPS categories.
  • Reporting for all eligible clinicians within the practice.
  • Broad selection of musculoskeletal measures available for reporting.
  • Printable MIPS reports to share with clinicians, staff, and Boards.
  • Connected to Power Insights for benchmarking capabilities.