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AAOE Empower is your portal to all of the data your practice generates on a daily basis. From patient-centered data like outcomes and satisfaction to operational metrics on revenue, compensation, and productivity, it's all here!

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Net Promoter Score and 13 question Clinician and Group CAHPS


12 Measures relevant to orthopedics including HOOS, KOOS, PROMIS, and more


57 measures most relevant and frequently used in orthopedic practices 


70 Key metrics relevant to the business of orthopedics

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Learn more about AAOE Empower in this welcome video and how it can help transform your practice into a value-driven, patient-centered organization for the 21st century.

If you have questions, or want to discuss how Empower can best help your practice, schedule a one-on-one consulting call with our Empower staff or start the sign-up process by completing the Empower Interest Form.

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Power Insights

Practice Data

Operational and patient-centered metrics to help you gauge your practice’s performance where it matters most.

Industry Trends

Up to five years of national trend data allowing you to compare your results to your peers.

Usable Results

Objective data to allow you to drive change within your practice.

Interactive Reporting

Maintain your competitive edge with interactive reports allowing you to benchmark your practice's survey data with a national data-set. Filter by geographic region, patient age, gender, and race/ethnicity to identify trends in your data and re-imagine your clinical and operational workflows, if needed.

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Power Surveys

Send Via Email or Text

Flexibility to reach your patients in the manner most convenient to them.

System Connections

Connections with some of the most popular software in the orthopedic field and more on the way!

Data Imports

Import your existing data from other survey systems to take advantage of AAOE’s powerful analytics.

Powerful Surveys

Empower gives you the opportunity to utilize patient and employee surveys to inform your practice improvement efforts. Understand the pulse of your patient's satisfaction with surveys like the QuickCAHPS and Net Promoter Score and your patient's post acute recovery with surveys like the HOOS, KOOS, DASH, FAAM, and more.

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Our Connectors

It's Your Data, Own It

Empower gives you the tools to understand your data and put it in a larger context giving you insights into your practice that you can put to work for you, your physicians, and your patients.

As one of the more cost-effective solutions on the market, AAOE Empower is the ideal solution for practices large or small.


Tina Snodderly, CMPE

CEO - Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinics

"AAOE Empower has been a very cost-effective tool for us to use in our practice’s everyday data needs. A previous vendor was not nearly as competitive as AAOE on price and we were pleasantly surprised at the analytics we are provided at a lower cost point."


Tara Holicky

Administrator - Greater Chesapeake Hand to Shoulder

"We started sending surveys through the Empower portal and saw an increased response rate from 1% of patients to 25% of patients. Our results can be easily quantified and reported at our monthly meetings to physicians and staff."



Karen Sollar, CMPE

CEO - Webster Orthopaedics

"I realized it's not as difficult as it sounds, partly because you have a team of experts at AAOE that help you through the process. It's not just 'here's the box, put it together and do it yourself'."



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What will you say once you give AAOE Empower a try? Your practice is waiting for reliable, validated patient-centered and operational data. Schedule a consulting call with one of our Empower experts today!

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Every Data Point Visualized

Through Empower's analytics platform, Power Insights, see how your practice compares to other practices nationwide on metrics like time spent with patients, ease of scheduling, and more.

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